Since returning to the international sporting world, South Africa has proven its ability to stage major sporting events – many held for the first time on African soil. Durban, as a host city, has played an integral part in South Africa’s reputation as a leading sporting destination. With a track record of successfully hosting leading sporting events on behalf of South Africa and Africa, Durban is known as Africa’s premier sporting destination, having invested R3,4 billion in sporting infrastructure since 2009.


Ruben Reddy Architects were tasked to lead the multi-disciplinary team responsible to plan and design the sports infrastructure and athletes’ village for the successful Durban 2022 bid. The team undertook the production of all technical documentation required for the bid document.

Ruben Reddy Architects and the team have managed to produce a comprehensive bid book for Durban in an extremely tight program.  


Durban was awarded the hosting of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in September 2015 at the Commonwealth Games Federation general assembly in Auckland, New Zealand.


Durban Bid Committee

Bid Completed in 2015


Durban 2022 Commonwealth Games Bid 
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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